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Stone Cleaning

Stone Polishing and Refinishing

Whether it’s your kitchen floor, countertops or living room floors we’re your stone care experts.  Those stubborn stains and etch marks can leave you wondering how to restore its beauty.  While vinegar and water can help with cleaning your home it doesn’t always work with stone.

Seal Stone Counters.

Regularly applying a barrier coating to marble and granite countertops helps keep them pristine and protected from everyday wear and tear.
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Rug’it Stone Cleaning Process:

Learn more about our process and what makes Rug’it Cleaning your trusted and local stone polishing and refinishing experts.  We take every step to ensure we provide the best results possible.

Pre-Inspection: All Stone cleaning and restoration as well as sealing jobs begin with a thorough pre-inspection to determine a customized care plan to meet your specific stone needs.

Preparation: We take the necessary precautions to protect surrounding areas with plastic sheets or cloths and tape prior to any cleaning.

Cleaning: Process varies from home to home based on stone make-up, maintenance, soiling conditions, traffic, use and customer needs. When cleaning any stone floor we use the appropriate cleaning products, tools and machinery to achieve maximum soil removal and results.

Diamond Grinding: Stone that is etched, scuffed and scratched can be restored only by using mechanical abrasives underneath a rotary machine. Diamond abrasives resurface/remove a slight amount of stone to get below the etch marks and scratches. All diamond grinding is performed with the use of water to contain dust. The surfacing procedures below determine the desired surface sheen.

Honing: Stone is mechanically resurfaced using diamond abrasives to achieve a uniformly honed surface sheen. Filler within travertine stone that looks cloudy, splotchy or dirty becomes uniform with our finishing techniques. In addition polished marble, granite, travertine or limestone can be honed to remove pre-existing etches and marks.

Polishing: Stone is mechanically finished to produce a high gloss shine. Very light etches, scuffs and scratches may be removed with the polishing process, but diamond grinding is needed if the stone surface has deep etches, scuffs and scratches.

Impregnation/Protection: The appearance and durability of stones can be affected by beverage stains, excessive foot traffic, oils, and other factors. An impregnator provides the required protection and is an integral part of an ongoing, proactive stone care program. We use the best quality impregnators to facilitate a cost effective maintenance program for our customers, as they offer long term protection against stains and dirt penetration.

Preventive Cleaning/Restoration: Stone needs to be cared for regularly to maintain its beautiful appearance. Proper daily and periodic care ensures it maintains its appearance and offer protection against daily foot-traffic and other factors. In the long term, it will cost less than a complete and major restoration. Ask about our maintenance schedule; the frequency will depend on the specific needs of your stone and desired appearance.

The natural stone you have in your home, office or commercial building is an investment.  Call Rug’it Cleaning for maintenance to preserve your stone’s beauty for generations to come! 562-606-2560

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