Rug Repair & Rug Pad Service

Minor Rug/Fringe Repair

Do you ever wonder why your fringes are falling apart? The fringes lie directly on the floor and are not protected from foot impact and abrasion like the pile of the rug. Also, a common practice in modern rugs is the “chemical washing” of the rug after weaving is complete to give the fibers a shiny look. This process is repeated several times and does some damage to the fibers. In essence it weakens the fiber. Whether it’s weakened over time by use or chemical washing, we can stabilize and rework the fringed ends of your family heirloom, antique or modern rug, to give them new life and restore their beauty!

We can help secure your fringe and cord of your hand-knotted rugs. Why is it important? Once your fringe wears away, the fibers at the ends of your rugs wear away next. To keep this from happening, our repair team secures the ends or the cord of your area rug to provide structural integrity. This small repair will help extend the life of your area rug and keep it looking newer longer. Questions, give us a call to schedule a pick-up or drop-off appointment

Rug Backing Repair & Replacement

Do you have a tufted wool rug? Rug backings are an essential part of the rug construction. Hand tufted rugs are made by shooting wool yarns through a canvas. When done, a second canvas backing is glued to the back of the area rug to stabilize the fibers and foundation. You can tell it’s a tufted rug by looking at the back side of the rug. If you can see a burlap-type fabric, then it’s a tufted wool rug. The burlap fabric comes in a variety of colors most commonly used is a cream, ivory or grey.

Broken rug backings may show wrinkles, pieces of the border or backing may start flaking or peeling off or dust-like particles can be found on your floor when moved. You may also notice signs of a broken backing from the front (face) of the rug like fibers falling out or the rug buckling. If your rug is deteriorating. damaged or broken, backing repair and replacement is an option to preserve the structural integrity of your rug investment. Contact Rug’it Cleaning to arrange a pick-up/delivery (additional fee) or drop-off appointment. We’ll repair the backing and return your rug with new life.


We believe in sustainability — and offer the only “Go Green” felt pad on the market.

A custom-cut rug pad sized for your area rug is a sound investment in protecting your rug. Reduces friction between the floor and the rug. Rug pads prevent shifting of the rug when it is walked on so you and guests won’t slip. They are also good for preventing wet spills from reaching the floor or carpet beneath your rug and damaging it. Do you have hardwood floors, we highly recommend a rug pad underneath your rug(s)!

Whether your rug needs cleaning or your floor in need of protection with a rug pad, we’re here to help. Let us help you decide which rug pad fits your needs. Cost varies between $2-$3 per sf. Store pick-up is available. Call or order online today!

Features and Benefits:

* Green Label Plus Certified
* Made In America
* Non-Toxic and Non-Allergenic
* No Odors or Off-gassing
* Will not stain, discolor or mark your carpet or flooring
* SUSTAINABLE – 100% Recycled – 100% Recyclable


Excellent solution for small area rugs, over carpet or in entryways. Thin for any rug where extra thickness is NOT desired; Lightweight.


The only rug pad with Pet Protect, a moisture barrier designed to keep pet urine from ruining your carpet or hardwood floors. Ribbed to provide extra cushioning.


The thickest rug pad option we have for those who want more comfort at home. Pet urine barrier with diamond backing with plush cushioning.


For customers who prefer the feel and firmness of expensive rubber rugs pads. Resist mold, mildew and odor causing bacterial growth. Machine washable in small sizes or wiped clean.


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